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da shi building

dashi building is located in the core area of high-tech industrial park, nanshan district, shenzhen, covering an area of 11,195 square meters, 200 meters high, and total floor 40 floor, total construction area 8.2 ten thousand square meters, the entire floor area 1,989.97 square meters, green coverage 60% .

dashing intelligence fully utilizes its main business advantages to apply more than 20 years of understanding of green and intelligent buildings to the project construction, giving dashing tower the best temperament in china's greenest and most intelligent buildings, and creating benchmarking works for smart buildings. a master of independent core technologies and products.

construction innovation


dashi building is a design written by meng jianmin, an academician of the chinese academy of engineering, which fully implements the original design concept.

2、construction plan

as a developer, dashi intelligent has outsourced dashi building construction project to china construction first bureau, and china construction first bureau has contracted the mechanical and electrical parts of the project to dashi intelligent. the construction of the power supply and distribution, ventilation and air conditioning and intelligent systems of dashi building was implemented by dashi intelligent.

technological innovation

1、innovative technology - digital twins

dashi building adopts the concept of digital twin construction, digitally replicates the building, and connects the three major platforms of bim \ ibms \ app to interact with each other, integrating the objects, people and events in the building into a twin digital virtual model, and in the twin data building, through the analysis of big data, to create a ai smart building with learning and predictive capabilities.

app-internet, people, dashi building service application big data

ibms-internet of things, internet of things, dashi building electrical and mechanical equipment operation big data

bim-provides static big data of dashi building

2、openness and iterability

dashi building realizes "cloudification" of computing and storage resources, "unlimited" access to iot devices, and "openness" of software platforms and application development. the building's intelligent system can achieve unlimited expansion and update.

the cloud platform of the building system uses "alibaba cloud". the strong storage and computing capacity of the public cloud supports the dynamic expansion of the computing system and storage resources of the building system. the building's iot equipment can be accessed indefinitely.

the building intelligent application and control system all use the internet of things ( iot ) architecture. the iot edge gateway can be added or removed according to the needs of the access equipment to ensure that the system and equipment access. "plug and play", system updates and system functions are no longer limited by the infrastructure.

all system software development is based on open "cloud" and "internet of things" platforms. application software for each product can be directly run on the building system platform, seamlessly connected, and various products and technologies provide a convenient application environment.

dashi building has achieved full coverage of wifi and 5g signals; full coverage of bluetooth positioning and communication systems; and an iot base station is built to facilitate access to lora devices, hardware facilities support the access of current and future iot devices.


dashi building uses a full magnetic levitation oil-free chiller unit, based on independently developed energy-saving control technology, load forecasting control strategy, on-demand distribution for individual metering, and energy efficiency management and control of the central air-conditioning system. ㎡, the energy efficiency of the equipment room is 0.5kwh / ton. the symbol of singapore's green buildings is 0.65kwh / ton , and the symbol of china's green buildings is 0.84kwh / ton . the energy saving superiority of dashi building is very obvious in comparison.

experience innovation

, people and cars pass without any sense, and equipment has no sense control

dashi building uses biometric recognition technology such as face recognition, voiceprint recognition and fingerprint recognition, combined with bluetooth positioning covering the entire building, relying on the system's powerful big data analysis capabilities, to achieve pedestrian and vehicle traffic, visitor management, and environmental control in the building. , all-round senseless experience.

1)no-sense traffic

seamless connection between indoor and outdoor navigation


people passing in and out

elevator linkage to achieve automatic elevator dispatch. at the same time, you can use your mobile phone to make an appointment.

) sensorless control

linkage of air-conditioning system: a weather station is installed on the roof of dashi building to monitor the outdoor environment and adjust air-conditioning fan coils and ventilator switches according to outdoor weather changes. while ensuring the indoor environment comfort, to achieve the best energy-saving effect, and timely feedback relevant information to the administrator.

follow the curtain: according to the angle of sunlight, shadow and light intensity, automatically adjust the opening degree of the curtain to achieve the best shading effect.

automatic adjustment of air conditioning, lighting, etc.: the automatic switching of air conditioning and lighting in the building can detect the situation of personnel in the area through human detection, and turn on air conditioning and lighting equipment in the corresponding area. the indoor temperature and humidity, the concentration of carbon monoxide, the concentration of carbon dioxide, and the content of pm2.5 、 甲 tsuen are comprehensively tested, and according to the environmental monitoring data, combined with the number of people in the area, the air conditioning and ventilation equipment works to ensure a healthy and comfortable environment in the building.

) shared office

mobile office: users can realize office card reservation, office area equipment control and other services through a mobile phone.

shared meeting room: the shared meeting room is charged on time. users use app to complete meeting room reservations, invitations to attendees, equipment use, and payment.

cloud printing: share resources, print on demand, and pick up code. the scanned documents can be sent directly to the mailbox, and the system can automatically count the corporate printing workload and output reports.

) mobile operation and maintenance

the real estate management operation and maintenance management, material management, and bill management are all completed on the mobile phone.

all property management is completed with mobile phone app , which is completely paperless.

equipment fault reporting and maintenance, realizing automatic system dispatch asset management is fully integrated into the iot network. all information such as usage and maintenance can be tracked, and data analysis can be performed on the usage to realize automatic maintenance of maintenance and spare parts. improve asset utilization and reduce property management costs.