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on 28th october, an unprecedented grand forum for entrepreneurs was held at the yanqi lake in beijing. with the theme of “making great achievements with untroubled and serene heart”, the 2019 yanqi lake forum for entrepreneurs and future star learning session was hosted by the welfare cultural promotion center of zhiliangzhi courtyard, huairou, beijing (hereinafter referred to as zhiliangzhi courtyard). zhiliangzhi courtyard is a learning organization mainly for entrepreneurs, which primarily studies wang yangming’s theories about mind philosophy. dozens of “representatives of the two congresses” with tens and hundreds of billions of wealth, experts and scholars participated in studies about conscience in the zhiliangzhi court. there are relatively complete cases on “conscience commerce” and “conscience education”, which witness and prove the power of unifying knowledge and acts. more than 4,000 entrepreneurs attended the yanqi lake forum for entrepreneurs this year.


 after taking part in the 2018 yanqi lake forum for entrepreneurs, liu bang, board chairman of das intellitech, rapidly promoted "conscience" studies in the company and led the company to enter the 3.0 era, namely to run the company conscientiously and develop heart-to-heart connections with users. for the purpose of "intelligently connecting the universe and creating heart-to-heart connections", das intellitech is devoted to becoming a trustworthy builder of intelligent iot platforms and better contributing to construction of intelligent cities in the homeland. at this yanqi lake forum, liu bang, board chairman of das intellitech, shared with other entrepreneurs about his learning experiences on the stage on 31st october as a guest.


the chairman liu bang not only attended this yanqi lake forum with senior managers, but also took part in this forum with facial recognition and sign-in systems for identity authentication to facilitate smooth completion of this forum. in each previous yanqi lake forum, the organizer was annoyed by venue security management and participants’ attendance management, because too many people attended the forum and the sponsor had extremely rigorous requirements for statistically analyzing participants’ attendance and confirming the participants’ identity. in previous forums, several methods like rfid were used on a trial basis, but they weren’t useful for rapid identity authentication and sign-in.

after knowing the situation, das intellitech recommended its facial recognition based identity authentication and sign-in system. to sign in, each student firstly scans the barcode with his mobile phone to enter his identity information and student id. meanwhile, photos are taken on site. the students’ identity information and photos are sent to the public security system for authentication. only after the authentication is passed can student id certificates be printed and pictures be sent to the facial recognition based sign-in system. every time when the students enter the venue, their pictures and identity certificate number will be displayed on the screen as long as they take a look at the facial recognition terminal of das intellitech. once anyone who is not an attendant enters the venue, a red alarm will be displayed on the screen, while an alarm sound will be produced. the data on successful recognition are kept as sign-in records, to make it convenient for the forum organizer to understand and analyze situation of the forum.

why has the facial recognition terminal frt360 of das intellitech been selected by the courtyard which has extremely rigorous requirements? this terminal mainly has following features: 
1. with built-in lithium batteries, the terminal is useful for wifi or 4g communications. being easy to move, it is suitable for all occasions.
2. with a high capacity of human resources, the terminal recognizes faces fast. 20,000 human faces can be correctly recognized within 1s.
3. the product appearance is beautiful and generous


high recognition rate: how to ensure facial recognition accuracy while guaranteeing rapid entry to avoid false and missed recognition, but to output accurate results on the spot is a great challenge. over 3 months of undergoing a range of strict field tests, the product of das intellitech has been finally selected.