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on 28th october, the “2019 yanqi lake forum for entrepreneurs and future star learning session” was held in the beijing yanqi lake international convention & exhibition center. during the conference, liu bang, board chairman of das intellitech, not only shared his personal and corporate learning and growth experiences, but also accepted interviews from several media, including peopleyun.cn, chinadaily.com.cn and lawnewscn.com

journalist: what new plans and investments will your company make in research and development in the next few years?

liu bang: today, technologies are developing very fast. we are going to enter a historic moment of industrial and technological revolutions - the advent of 5g. recalling back, das intellitech, in essence, is a company that engages in construction and operation of iot platforms. in the past, the iot was limited based on narrow band and local area. but nowadays, we’ve witnessed an unlimited wide-area broadband iot. this will be an era with chances for growth. we have to make more efforts in research, development and innovations of this unlimited wide-area broadband iot, in order that innovations can drive long-term development of our company. 

journalist: what changes have occurred to your industry over the past 70 years since the founding of the new china? what changes have they brought to people’s lives?

liu bang: sciences and technologies change people’s work and living environment. during the early period of the new china, an office building was only equipped with a telephone line and an electrical wire. afterwards, office buildings were further equipped with network lines and some intelligent lines for different controls. with the development of technologies, people not merely required the technologies to be safe, convenient and low-carbon. in the future, people will have demands for warm and bright office environment. therefore, we have to satisfy people’s demands for warm and bright offices with our independent technologies. 

journalist: entrepreneurs shall bear more social responsibilities while promoting social development. as an entrepreneur in a new era, how do you perform your social responsibilities? 

liu bang: enterprises shall be willing to take social responsibilities. apart from some common donations, enterprises shall focus more on low carbon and energy conservation. our company is the earliest company that advocated energy management contracting in china. energy management contracting means introducing social capitals into energy conservation and environmental protection. we call this mechanism as a business model of energy management contracting. this model facilitates environmental protection by saving energy through intelligent transport and intelligent public buildings.

journalist: reform and opening-up have tremendous impacts upon social development of china. as an entrepreneur, what unforgettable memories do you have in the history? 
liu bang: i came to shenzhen after my graduation from my postgraduate studies 30 years ago. i’ve witnessed many economic slumps, including the economic slumps arising from the asian global crisis in 1997 and the global financial crisis in 2008. in this process, i’ve felt that we’ve become more confident and able to recover faster. as entrepreneurs, we are grateful to this great era. meanwhile, we firmly believe that our company will become china’s and even world’s first-class enterprise as our homeland goes global.

journalist: what new development plans will your company make in the future? 

liu bang: “promote personal development and make contributions to our homeland.” this is my original intent of entrepreneurship and mission of future development. in the future, das intellitech will build and operate platforms for several segmented industries by constructing intelligent iot platforms.

concerning intelligent buildings, das intellitech has provided the xiong’an citizen service center and the entire intelligent community with a platform for iot construction and operations. in addition, it has built an integrated iot platform for monitoring over 20 metro lines. this lays a foundation for providing 10 million people with big data services. as to intelligent healthcare, das intellitech provides an interconnected big data health platform for 1,569 medical institutions at varying levels in huainan, anhui province. in the future, platform-based services will guarantee healthy life for 3,800,000 people. 

at this yanqi lake forum for entrepreneurs, das intellitech spent three months in developing a domestically and internationally advanced mobile and independent sign-in and attendance system for large-scale conferences. this system is useful for providing 4,000 people with sign-in and attendance services within 15 minutes by facial recognition. the recognition accuracy is as high as 99.5%. to make sure that such services are still available in case of power outage or disconnection, we download those 4,000 people's information to terminals. das intellitech was highly praised by the representatives present at the conference for its advanced technologies and services.

journalist: an enterprise's success is inseparable from favorable national policies and development. could you express your love for your homeland with a sentence? 

liu bang: das is part of our company's name. in chinese, it means one shall create benefits for the whole world once he makes great achievements and persevere in doing everything. in the future, we will keep on technological innovations for our users and homeland, in order to make due contributions to prosperity of our homeland.