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dash intelligence-凯发国际体育

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shenzhen das tower is developed by shenzhen das intellitech co., ltd. it is located at shenzhen high-tech industrial park, with the floor area of 11,195 square meters, the height of 200m, and 40 floors in total. the gross floor area is 82,000 square meters; the area of whole floor is 1,989.97 square meters. the green coverage rate is 60%.

the construction and operation of das tower have adopted multiple green and intelligent building technologies, such as the self-developed indas ibms iot platform of das intellitech. while realizing building intelligence, it has obtained american leed-cs platinum-level authentication, chinese green architecture three-star authentication, and shenzhen green architecture platinum-level authentication.

qiu baiping, chief engineer of smart hospital business division of shenzhen das intellitech co., ltd, is the chief responsible electromechanical person of das tower, who is responsible for the whole-process design of electromechanical engineering and green building of das tower, implementation of electromechanical engineering, design and authentication of green building, check and acceptance of overall project, and engineering delivery. he comprehensively introduced how das tower realized smart and green operation to modern property management.

qiu baiping summarizes the characteristics of the building into four keywords: "green, smart, energy-saving and comfortable".

design idea and positioning

das tower was designed by meng jianmin, cae academician and chief architect of shenzhen general institute of architectural design and research co., ltd by fully implementing the creation idea of "primitive design", namely "people first", so as to embody the building's user-friendliness.

function positioning of das tower:

first of all, it plans to place the national service operation center of the company within the building. the center provides the backstage support for the company's smart building, smart traffic and smart medical treatment business nationwide.

second, as the r&d center, it regards the building as a r&d object and keeps updating techniques.

third, as a real platform of technical display, it fully shows the green and smart idea and standard. it may not only play the role of promoting techniques to the market, but also be open to the public as a science popularization and education base of smart city and green building, and embody social values.

idea of "digital twin"

the first section of "digital twin" is bim. das building has fully applied bim to the construction. it hopes to better apply it in the later-stage operation, so as to make bim play a role in the full life cycle of the building.

the second section is the self-developed ibms platform of das, which is connected to the internet and iot and brings in big data and ai to conduct unified monitoring and management of the building's sensor and electromechanical equipment and facilities.

the third section is the mobile app targeted at the building users. users may use all the functions within the office building through the smart phone, including access control, consumption, appointment, property management, air conditioning control, light and curtain control.

energy-saving technique

through the comprehensive energy-saving means, the annual average power consumption of das tower is 85kwh/square meters; the energy efficiency of the machine room is 0.5kwh/standard tons. compared with the regular super-high-rise office buildings of around 200m, it may serve energy by 30%-40%. the energy consumption of air conditioning is reduced by 40%-50% compared with that in common office buildings.