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dash intelligence-凯发国际体育

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das tower is china’s first green intelligent building which conforms to “double standards (namely “operation standards for green buildings” and “design standards for green buildings”). it has passed the american leed-cs certification as platinum-level building, chinese green building certification as 3-star building and shenzhen green building certification as platinum-level green intelligent building. at present, this office building is evaluated as a green building with very high scores. 

from 23rd to 24th october, greenbuild china 2019 hosted by usgbc was held in shanghai, where the evaluation committee recognized das intellitech for its design of green buildings. das tower was formally awarded the leed platinum medal. 

identified as china’s “greenest” building, das tower is the highest-rating green building constructed and operated in strict compliance with “double standards and three certifications” in the full building lifecycle. after its construction, it has become a “exemplary building” of domestic green intelligent buildings to disseminate knowledge about green building technologies and green energy conservation to the general public. therefore, control over water consumption, power consumption and carbon emissions is extremely strict. 

therefore, 7 months before the formal construction of das tower, derun technical team of das intellitech fully integrated resources at home and abroad and actively coordinated power of different parties as consultant to make the building as economical and pragmatic as possible. schemes, designs, drawings and green building technologies were repeatedly confirmed. 

from the beginning of its design, requirements of the three certification systems were comprehensively considered for das building. in other words, das building should not only conform to international standards, but should be also in line with national and shenzhen municipal standards. schemes, design, construction, operation and maintenance were inseparable and indispensable from each other. “our project team has made great efforts for this project. i would rather say that das tower is more than an intelligent building, but an intelligent building built by a group of intelligent people,” the chief responsible person in charge of the electromechanical project reported.

an excellent building doesn’t only provide a bird’s view of the entire city, but shall also respect original intent of life, transcend and evolve through contemporary office models. 

architectural design, construction, operation and maintenance of das tower are in strictly in line with american “leed” standard and the evaluation standards for green buildings. highlighting high comfort, das tower was constructed with sophisticated technologies based on low energy consumption. the technologies for building green intelligent buildings were included in the full lifecycle of das tower, in order that das tower could become an “exemplary building” among green intelligent buildings in shenzhen and even in china.