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dash intelligence-凯发国际体育

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on 31st october, liu bang, board chairman of das intellitech, shared his learning experiences with entrepreneurs present on the stage at the 2019 yanqi lake forum for entrepreneurs and future star learning session. he shared how he had built a happy family through introspection and perceived new paths to enterprise development.

for his reflection at the country-level: to start a business, he left the old leader who admired him, and he didn’t continuously make due contributions to the industry of aerospace computers. recollect what the old leader said, “promote personal development and make contributions to our homeland”, which has become the original intent of entrepreneurship that the chairman liu bang sticks to.

the chairman liu bang shared the case on construction of the xiong'an citizen service center by das intellitech and pointed out that, throughout development, an enterprise shall not only invest in technologies, but also shall pay attention to conscience, be people-oriented and invest in a great era.

meanwhile, he shared that das intellitech offered a creative facial recognition based attendance channel and system for 4,000 participants’ entrance into the venue of this yanqi lake forum. in the research and development process, the initial access system has developed into the final wireless mobile, independent and personalized pad facial recognition based conference system. it has been constantly improved based on the core concept that priority shall be given to people. at last, 18 terminals were used for over 4,000 participants to sign in and enter the venue. with a recognition rate of 99.99%, they helped all the participants enter the venue within 15min.

“in pursuit of knowledge, something is acquired everyday; in pursuit of wisdom, something is lost every day.” yanqi lake forum is not only a grand occasion for learning how to act, but also a taoist sacred place for comprehending how to conduct oneself. hope that more people can understand the power of introspection, ignite the nuclear fusion in their hearts and experience the radiant life.