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after the internet age, the era of artificial intelligence has approached. as core driver of the new-round global industrial transformation, artificial intelligence is attempting to develop widespread and deep connections with our world, in order to shape the future of the mankind in a brand new form.

from 29th to 31st august, the world artificial intelligence conference 2019 was held in shanghai. with the theme of “intelligent connectivity, infinite possibilities” , the conference aimed to build a world top ai cooperation and exchange platform to promote and dominate creative integration of ai and technological innovations.

dependent upon technologies such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, cloud computing, edge computing and wireless networks, das intellitech actively increases the ratio of their independently developed technologies and products to its solutions. it has created application scenarios of multidimensional intelligent cities such as “ai medical services”, “ai buildings” and “ai transport”. its application cases are widespread all over china. furthermore, these core cutting-edge technologies have been applied in das tower. 

innovations of ai iot products make cities “alive”

platform products of ibms

indasibms, the intelligent building management system independently developed by das intellitech, comprehensively manages and controls intelligent building subsystems and related equipment with different functions using the latest technologies such as iot, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. channels are opened up for information sharing to make artificial environment the most comfortable inside intelligent buildings, and optimal control strategies are adopted for electro-mechanical equipment with ai algorithms.

with iterative technologies of iot platforms, property management has gradually developed from manual property management (industry 1.0), semi-automatic property management (industry 2.0) and automatic property management into full artificial intelligence (industry 4.0). thus, fundamental changes have occurred to property management personnel’s qualities and structures.

iot terminals

das intellitech has 174 patented inventions like “one password for one card”, cutting-edge narrowband iot technologies (bluetooth, wifi, nb-iot and lora), das intelligent cloud platforms with mega-level big data, and ai-based image recognition systems (including ai-based autonomous hd license plate recognition, ai-based hd video parking guidance system and ai-based facial recognition channel/system).

das intellitech has originally developed iot-based “cascading accesses”. it is one of the chinese enterprises which firstly launched integrated intelligent office terminals based on ai human faces iot, so a new model integrating human faces, office and intelligent control has emerged. it is also the first chinese enterprise which has broken through the traditional one-card electronic wallet in collaboration with “micro channel” of tencent, in order to realize mobile authentication and payment by “virtual card physical card”.

intelligent management platform of operation rooms

based on its original strengths in digitalized operation rooms and operation/anesthesia systems, das intellitech has launched the “perioperative” intelligent management platform to facilitate make the whole preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative process intelligent. this platform has five functional modules, namely digitalized operation rooms, information management for operations, information management for anesthesia, departmental operations management, and management for decision-making support. it can be interconnected with information systems of hospitals and acquire data from different types of medical equipment.

by practising its abundant iot experiences in managing resources of operation rooms, das intellitech manages and from time to time, traces the whole application process of materials such as medical equipment, high-value consumables, toxic and narcotic drugs of operation rooms to make resource management of operation rooms visible. focusing on clinical services, it enhances safety of clinical services and increases work efficiency of operation rooms through intelligent scheduling, level iii inspection and real-time monitoring, to make business management of operation rooms information-based.

ai innovations of healthcare big data products make healthcare more intelligent

clinical decision support system

clinical decision support system (cdss) of das intellitech offers decision support through “widespread, intelligent, professional and elaborate” models. with scenarios applicable to all doctors, it offers aided support such as knowledge base inquiry, suspected diagnosis, symptom reminder, medical orders and recommendations. for special scenarios such as specialist departments and critical illnesses, it offers recommends therapies which are the most suitable for patients to medical specialists.

based on big data technologies, this system integrates lots of medical literature and data on medical records. it simulates doctors’ thinking and diagnostic reasoning with artificial intelligence to assist the doctors in drafting schemes for optimizing diagnosis and treatment. by connecting data and services of independent rule engines and information integration platforms of hospitals, medical knowledge graphs for calculation and inference can be trained. in the 1st“competition on diagnosis and treatment with ai-based clinical decision support” held by the himss in greater china, das intellitech won three prizes for serving teda international cardiovascular hospital, consistently recognized by customers and experts.

national healthcare big data platform

the healthcare big data platform of das intellitech is an ecosystem of “internet plus healthcare” platform which serves governments, medical and health organizations as well as residents based on national policies and standards. it comprises of a big data system and a business collaboration system. the big data system provides users with application services such as data convergence, cleaning, mining and in-depth value extraction. the business collaboration system offers intelligent sensible collaborative support for medical services and support for future ai-based highly intelligent medical services.

this platform has unified resources, data, businesses and procedures, laying a foundation for future sustainable development and big data ecology for healthcare. it is seamlessly connected to existing independent core technological products of das intellitech and they are complementary to each other. fully covering intelligent healthy family management, intelligent healthy buildings, intelligent healthy communities and intelligent healthy cities, it offers long-term support to residents’ intelligent management of their healthy life chains in the full life cycle. 

artificial intelligence 5g makes life healthier

take “ai healthcare” for example. das intellitech develops advanced overall solutions to iot of hospitals with its independently developed products such as integrated information-based platform for hospitals, dashlop (intelligent management platform for hospitals), digitalized operation rooms and national healthcare big data platform in combination with design ideas of ai, big data and digital twins to create safe, comfortable and energy-saving artificial building environment for hospitals, for the final purpose of making hospitals intelligent which can perceive, execute, think and grow. 

the integration of ai and 5g makes overall solutions of das intellitech to intelligent hospitals based on applications of iot more useful. in the future, patients will get more prompt diagnostic reports, more humane and considerate services. the logistic services of hospitals will be more reliable, managed more delicately in a more energy-conserving manner. interconnections will be more extensive in hospitals, where it will be easier for acquire specialist resources, service the grassroots more easily, utilize resources more efficiently and better guarantee diagnostic environment.

40 years ago, reform and opening-up brought us enormous opportunities and creativity. 40 years later, ai will become the core driver of future industrial revolutions. as a powerful engine for connecting the universe, it is the key for reshaping the mankind and the world. under the lead of “core” development, das intellitech comprehensively utilizes advanced technologies such as ai, iot and cloud computing to continuously explore new ideas/new thoughts, enhance core competencies, and intelligently connect the world and the future.